Four Brands That You Should Consider For Winter

January 16, 2023

Did you notice that winter in the past two years was totally changed? As a person who has lived in Rome for more than 4 years, I can barely adapt to this cold weather and practically wear fewer clothes than three years ago.

As a first-timer, I always put many layers to cover my tiny body before going to university. Since then, I have worn cotton shorts, a loose sweater, and a pair of wool socks at home. 

I traveled to some cities in Italy within two weeks and visited Milan, Como, and Venice. Those cities could be colder than Rome. In fact, yes, it's more complicated than Rome, but just less than I expected. One of my relatives from Indonesia started to handle the winter temperature. As you know, in Indonesia, we only have rainy and summer seasons, mainly summer. She asked for my suggestions for some brands worth buying, considering quality, style, and price. 

So, after a quick deep research, I made a brand list to advise my relatives where it would be helpful for you and those coming from tropical countries that you should consider for your winter holiday.

1. The North Face

Jacket Brands For Winter
Women's Himalayan Down Parka | Fotografi Doc. The North Face

Jacket Brands For Winter
Outfit Inspiration | Photography Doc. The North Face

This oversized retro looks nailed me! The style will be perfect if you start an adventure and do some hikes. On other days, you can pay for commuting even at night thanks to nylon ripstop fabrication that will block the wind and insulate warmth. If you like outdoor activities like urban exploring and walking, are concerned with recycled materials, and are considering a stylish one, drop this jacket on your cart! (Price €355)

2. Moncler

Moncler Fioget is a popular brand of women's luxury outerwear known for its high quality and stylish designs. The brand itself is known for premium materials and advanced technologies to create warm and durable jackets that are suitable for a variety of outdoor activities. Fioget down jacket combines with shiny textures and diamond quilting. Crafted in laqué nylon, feather padding on the hood also removable. One of the best parts is, Fioget has a feminine silhouette that accentuated by the belt at the waist.

Jacket Brands For Winter

Jacket Brands For Winter
The waist and the shiny textures are genius! | Photography Doc. Moncler

Jacket Brands For Winter
Those patterns tho! | Photography Doc. Moncler

Additionally, Moncler is a luxury brand and is considered as a status symbol. So, it is a good idea to consider Moncler Fioget for women because it offers bot style and function. (Price €1.390)

3. Montbell

Montbell's Plasma 1000 Alpine Down Parka for women, as a top choice for those looking for an ultralight jacket for their winter outings and alpine adventures. This jacket's construction combined with the world's thinnest nylon and 1000 Fill Power EX Down. In this case, we can see how these materials and technologies work together to make jacket lightweight and warm, while also providing wind and water resistance.
Jacket Brands For Winter

Jacket Brands For Winter
Looks so light! Photography Doc. Montbell

Jacket Brands For Winter

Jacket Brands For Winter
Perfect to wear for outdoor activity | Photography Doc. Montbell

With shaving design pattern, this technique will help to make this jacket even more ultralight, making it perfect for those looking to pack light for winter trips. Another jacket's features, such as its adjustable hood, adjustable cuffs, and its ability to compress into its own pocket for easy storage! So, if you're looking for an ultralight, high-performance jacket for winter in alpine with 'affordable' price, Montbell's Plasma 1000 Alpine Down Parka Women is a great choice. (Price €499)

4. Canada Goose

As the brand itself says, Canada Goose is founded in Toronto, Canada about fifty years ago. The brand claim that 100% of the production made in Canada regarding their commitment to have integrity and outstanding quality in craftsmanship. 

Let me show you one of their best collection, HyBridge® Lite. This jacket is a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts for those looking for a warm and lightweight jacket. Designed with a unique combination of down and synthetic insulation to provide ultimate warmth, even in the harshest of conditions.

Jacket Brands For Winter
The feminine silhouettes, couldn't agree more | Photography Doc. Canada Goose

Jacket Brands For Winter
Super chic and stylish! Photography Doc. Canada Goose

HyBridge® Lite jacket is made with a high-quality, lightweight nylon outer shell that is both durable and water resistant. The jacket's lining is made of a soft, comfortable fabric that feels great against the skin, even during extended wear.

One of the key features of the HyBridge® Lite jacket is its strategic placement of down and synthetic insulation. The down providing excellent warmth where it is needed most, while the synthetic insulation is placed in high-wear areas, ensuring that the jacket will maintain its warmth even if it gets wet. With versatility design and packable, this jacket perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, or even commuting during winter day. (Price for HyBridge® Lite €750) 

Besides HyBridge® Lite, there is another one that also will be my favourite: Reversible Lorita. The style still versatile, but more stylish. With the high-quality materials and Canada Goose's signature down insulation, this reversible jacket will provide excellent warmth in cold temperatures, water-resistant and suitable for variety of outdoor activities and conditions, both casual and formal wear.

Jacket Brands For WinterJacket Brands For Winter
Jacket Brands For Winter
Look at the retro style! Super great! | Photography Doc. Canada Goose

Jacket Brands For WinterJacket Brands For Winter

(Price for Lorita €1.195)

In conclusion, there is some advice from me if you need help deciding which brand you want to purchase. But first, ask yourself: Do I need this (jacket) for daily or special occasions? Then, you go to check this information to consider:

  • Think about materials

Check whether this jacket is made of water-resistant and wind-resistant to protect you or not. We can't predict the temperature or where we will live this year. We might go somewhere north to travel or somewhere in Europe with extreme wind. So, ensure that the jacket provides adequate insulation for the coldest temperature.

  • Style! 

Honestly, I will put this point on top, but I wanted to be neutral when writing this article. I always consider jackets based on style and color. Then less consideration of other things. It would be best if you thought of a style that suits your taste and the activities you will use the jacket. It must be essential to choose the coat with the fit size and ensure it is comfortable in various situations.

Last but not least, 

  • Brand reputation and Budget 

Brand reputation is related to quality, materials, technologies, and 'pride.' Rechecking others' customer satisfaction across the channel will be helpful before making a decision. Pay more if you feel comfortable, and boosting your confidence is okay. 

How about you? Let me know which brand you are interested in the most :)




This article not affiliating with a brand or tending to specific material, brans, or innovations. 

This article purely wrote based on the author's opinion and aimed to help the reader to gather the necessary information.

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