September 03, 2020

Hi, here is Listyan Putri. I am an Indonesian fashion illustrator and storyteller based in Rome, Italy. I started as a Project Architect before becoming an Interior Journalist and eventually ran a retail furniture store in Bali for several years. 

Design and words enriched my journey. As a result, I share my experiences through my blog and on YouTube. I received a Bachelor of Architecture from Atma Jaya University in Yogyakarta and a Master of Fashion Studies from La Sapienza in Rome. 

Architecture, fashion, and journalism have greatly benefited my career. Throughout my career, I have honed my skills in photography and videography. Over a hundred of my articles have appeared in major print publications such as Living Etc Indonesia, iDEA, Home Garden, and Kompas, Indonesia's largest newspaper. 

Currently, I work as Contributor Journalist for Metro TV, an Indonesian television channel reaching over 250 million people. I constantly cover Italian news, such as the Euro 2020 Cup, the G20 Conference in Rome, the Christmas Eve Mass at the Vatican, and various special events in Barcelona, Budapest, and other European cities. 

I have worked on projects, collaborated, and explored over the last ten years: 

- 2D and 3D Design 

- Concert and Event Management 

- Copywriting 

- Freehand Illustration and additionally Digital Marketing 

Welcome to my gallery, where you can see my works ranging from design to styling, photography to publications, and illustrations. I am incredibly fortunate and enjoy my journey, where I put my heart into my hobbies, which works. Please let me know if you are interested in my work;


Listyan Putri


// Fashion Design

// Architecture - Interior

// Photography & Styling

// Assignments

// Social Media Manager*

// Journalism

TV Station
Coverage EURO 2020 for Metro TV 
  • Gli Azzurri team will meet the President of Italy (link)
  • Italy celebrates their winning in Rome (link)
  • Euphoria Italy supporters ahead of Spain game (link)
  • Italians celebrate EURO 2020 victory (link)
Invited Speaker
  • Pursue Higher Education, Magister Architecture Atma Jaya University of Yogyakarta, July 2021. (link)
  • Exploring Roman Architecture in Rome, Architecture Atma Jaya University of Yogyakarta, June 2021.
  • Contemporary Buildings in Rome, Archtecture Atma Jaya University of Yogyakarta, June 2021. (link)

*) Assesment

Tanti Saluti,
Listyan Putri
Rome (RM), Italy

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